A new way to read Little Stars!

Guys. I have got THE BEST NEWS.

For months now, I’ve been dutifully sharing a new episode of Other People’s Heroes: Little Stars every Wednesday on Amazon’s Kindle Vella platform. And it’s an amazing adventure! A young woman has her life completely turned upside-down when her mother is revealed to be the world’s most popular superhero! We’ve got teen drama, action, comedy, time travel, ghosts – pretty much everything you love in a superhero universe all rolled up into one weekly package. PLUS, it features several of your old pals from my novel Other People’s Heroes!

HOWEVER… up until now there’s been one major obstacle. Vella series weren’t native in every Kindle App! You could get it on iOS, but if you have any other device (even Amazon’s own Kindle device), the only way to read a Vella book is to open it up in a web browser. And boy, can that be a pain in the butt, right?

But now, in case you hadn’t heard, Amazon has expanded Vella support to Android as well! So that means if you’ve got an Android device with the Amazon Kindle app, you can read all 27 episodes (so far!) of OPH: Little Stars right now! And if that wasn’t enough to convince you, the first three episodes are free!

So if you haven’t joined the multitude of fans out there enjoying Little Stars week after week, now’s the time to jump in and do it! 

As for those of you with other types of devices or in markets outside of the USA… I really want the story to get to you guys too, but ultimately, I’ve got no control over that. Your best bet is to shoot a message to Amazon and let ‘em know that you’re waiting. 

So click here to check out the first few episodes. Read them, love them, click the “thumbs-up” button at the end and drop a review. Then keep going and read the other 24 while you’re at it. Thanks!