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Stories in the World of Siegel City:

Other People’s Heroes

Josh Corwood is a reporter for Powerlines, the premiere newsmagazine covering the heroes of Siegel City. Josh has always dreamed of joining the heroes, but his world is thrown into upheaval by a pair of discoveries. First: he has a power of his own. And second: the heroes of Siegel City are all fakes. The villains are actors, the fights are choreographed — it’s like professional wrestling on a much bigger scale. In this comedy/adventure, Josh attempts to blow the lid on the cover-up, only to find himself embroiled in a mystery about what happened to the real heroes of Siegel City, and about the nature of heroism itself. You can listen to the whole thing in the Evercast, or buy it as an ebook!

The Restless Dead of Siegel City

It’s Halloween night and the city of faux superheroes finds itself overrun with the REAL undead — mummies, zombies, vampires, and all manner of creatures of the night have come to wreak havoc. Copycat, Animan, and their crew have to dig out the root of the infestation, and Josh has to confront the ghost of his greatest failure.

Lucky Penny

Gill Lutz is a Las Vegas runner — a man employed by a casino to make sure that everything runs smoothly with no interference by people with “special” talents, which in a world full of metahumans is no small task. When the Vegas-based superhero called Lucky Penny uses her powers make Gill’s casino pay out jackpot after jackpot, he’s got to stop her before the casino goes bankrupt or, even worse, he’s out of a job.

This eBook edition also contains a bonus short story, “Stowaway.” It’s Christmas Eve, 1827, and Louis Baudreau is determined to find something in the skies over the Gulf of Mexico he never thought he would see again. Instead, he finds a visitor on his boat that may take him places he never imagined.

GhostofSimonTower2The Ghost of Simon Tower

Every Christmas Eve the heroes of Siegel City come together to raise a glass to their fallen friends. On Josh Corwood’s first Christmas among them, he learns of an apparition that has haunted Simon Tower for years… a mysterious, nameless phantom, who may hold some of the Tower’s biggest secrets yet. This short story continues the tale of OTHER PEOPLE’S HEROES with a gateway into the past of Siegel City, and a glimpse into its future.

AssociatedPressure_HiAssociated Pressure

After the battle of Simon Tower, there are a lot of questions… heroes missing, villains who have changed sides, evil twins, and rampant confusion. The new LightCorps is holding a press conference to place everyone’s minds at ease. Unfortunately, one of the new superheroes can’t keep his story straight…

The Pyrite War

PyriteWar_v2In 1939 Siegel City only had one superhero, the world’s first. When he discovered his powers, Gabriel Ruston thought he would be the second, but died on his first excursion in costume. After Gabriel’s death, his brother David is drawn into an investigation. What if Gabriel wasn’t the second? What if there were others? What if something tragic happened to all of them?

In Siegel City, nothing is ever what it seems… even in a Golden Age.

An All-American ChristmasAn All-American Christmas

An All-American Christmas: A group of crooks decide to pull a holiday heist while the city’s superheroes are occupied with their annual Christmas party. But what none of them stopped to consider is that not everybody celebrates Christmas…

This collection of three short stories takes us to the worlds of Siegel City (OTHER PEOPLE’S HEROES and THE PYRITE WAR), The Curtain (THE BEGINNER and OPENING NIGHT OF THE DEAD), and to author Blake M. Petit’s newest storytelling realm, Shadows of Earth.

Stories in the World of The Curtain:

The Beginner

Filmmaker Curtis Dupré seems to have everything he could want on the set of his second film: studio backing, a professional crew, and an actress he’s admired for years in the starring role. But people begin to vanish from the set, and from the memories of everybody except Curtis. A strange visitor is eliminating those close to the young director, and there’s no telling who is next. To save his friends, to save himself, Curtis Dupré will have to look into himself and discover what it truly means to be The Beginner.

Opening Night of the Dead

The Climax Studios Festival of Fear is a Halloween tradition, but with monsters roaming the theme park and a monster movie filming on the adjacent film lot, what hell will break loose when a real zombie surfaces and starts biting? When you can’t tell who’s alive and who’s undead, can a stuntman, a makeup artist, a sleaze-slinging blogger and a pair of former cops stop the end of the world from sneaking off the studio lot and infecting all of California?

Other Worlds:

313687_226772914052215_226769574052549_656470_982521225_nA Long November and Other Tales of Christmas

Duncan Marks is just like you — sick and tired of Christmas coming before the Thanksgiving turkey even comes out of the oven. But this year, a Spirit of the Season takes him on a journey that tests his resolve… and upon which Christmas itself may rise or fall.

This eBook collection includes the original novella, A Long November, and eight other tales of the holidays.

RevolvingDoorMaking Santa: Advent

Nicholas Grace and 199 other men have been abducted by a strange alien race called the Yool — a “benevolent order” that travels the galaxy helping undeveloped worlds by providing them with the things they lack. On our world, the Yool are trying to give us our missing icons. With the help of the Yool and their advanced technology, one of the 200 abductees will be chosen to fill some of the most legendary boots in history. One of these men will become Santa Claus.

dark-coverDark: A Horror Anthology

Fourteen authors come together to bring you their vision of horror in Dark: A Horror Anthology. Many of the iconic creatures of horror’s history resurface in fresh and innovative ways—zombies, werewolves, and chupacabras abound. There are plenty of new things to fear as well, a broken world, a myth of the murky depths, and a knife that cuts twice.

Ryan and Radar

tales-from-the-plex-4tt“Ryan and Radar,” with artwork by Matt Weldon, is the story of a young boy who retreats from the pain of his missing pet by fleeing into a superhero world of his own making. This short story appeared in issue #4 of the anthology comic series Tales From the Plex.


RevolvingDoorEverything You Need to Know to Survive English Class

William Shakespeare. Charles Dickens. Mark Twain. These are a few of the people who, were they still alive, would be seriously irritated to see their names in this book. But after nearly a decade as a high school English teacher, Blake M. Petit knows that sometimes even the greatest writers who ever lived turned out truly absurd works of literature. In this book, Petit points out some of the plot holes, gaps in logic, and just plain ludicrous choices made by the names that have kept scholars debating for centuries. Whether you’re an educator or someone who’s trying to be educated, this wild look at literature will change your thinking about the most amazing writers of all time, and also the Transcendentalists.


Reel to Reel - Monsters NO BLEEDReel to Reel: Mutants, Monsters and Madmen

Culled from the pages of, this collection looks at the evolution of film through 40 of the greatest, most memorable, and most influential horror movies of all time.

The Obligatory Everything But Imaginary

For years now, I’ve offered up my geek punditry at various sites across the internet landscape. Now I’m gathering together the best of those columns and articles in a series of short, low-price collections around different themes. Here’s what’s available so far.

RevolvingDoor_MockupVol. 1: A Revolving Door in Heaven
A look at the phenomenon of life, death, and the rapid turnaround between the two in American comic books.

SuperSanta_HiVol. 2: Is Santa Claus Super?
In this volume we look at Christmas comic books, Christmas music, how to shop for the Geek on your list, and we answer the most burning question of all… is Santa Claus a superhero?